What is Quantum computer?

What is Quantum Computer?

Quantum computer is a computer that is powerful more than a super computer. It is the most powerful computer in the world. It run by quantum computing. If it is possible to make, it can change the world. This computer can decrypt most powerful passwords.

What is Quantum computing?

Quantum computing is the use of super position, entanglement to make computing. It use 1 and 0 both at same time. But normal computer use at a time 1 or 0. But can’t use both at a same time. For this reason It is the fastest computer.

How do Quantum computer works?

What is Quantum computer?

Quantum computer make calculation based on 1s and 0s at a same time. And it finds probability of an object state before calculation. So it is faster than classical computers. Classical computer use logical operators. These are binary. It operate based on two positions. Such as 1 or 0, true or falls, on or off.  It called a bit. But it use Qubit. It use superposition. Means It use 1 or 0, true or false at a same time. These superposition can be entangled with others objects related to result.

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